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FREE foto shoot!!!!

28 Jan

Yes, you read it right!

is giving away 1 free photo shoot.

All you have to do to enter is write in and tell me why you (or someone else) deserves, needs, would LOVE a free photo shoot. 

The entries will then be posted on the blog and you and your posse can vote for the winner.

Basically, here’s the equation to winning:

 you + the most votes = WINNER!

This is NOT limited to one kind of photo session.  Anyone can enter – portrait or wedding.

ONLY RULE: u can’t enter a session that has already been booked, but u can enter for another session!

Last day to enter Feb. 14th, 2010.


Just had to…

28 Jan

I’m giddy with excitement over this event. 

So, I just had to add another pic. of my dress – up close & personal – so you can see all the details.

Isn't she lovely?

le peu robe noir

27 Jan


A sneak peek of the dress I will be wearing!

I was so excited when my gal-pal Tara asked me and another fellow photographer, Ms. Kim Ginn of Sweet Portrayal,  to photograph what is going to be an “oh so fun” night at our church:

The Little Black Dress event.

Gals will be strutting their stuff down the RED carpet as the history of the LBD is told.

Sweets & treats will be provided.

A BIG thank you is in order for my friend H that allowed me to model her lovely White House Black Market apparel!

Get You Gear

26 Jan

I have MAD LOVE for this shop. 

 Even before I was doing photography, my husband purchased our first digital Canon Rebel from B & H.

Their prices are great.  Service, fantastic.  And products, nop-notch.

I’ve never been disappointed with B & H.

I HIGHLY recommend them.

Those That Inspire…

25 Jan

I wanted to list a few photographers that I am constantly inspired by.  Each have their own niche – their own forte in the photography arena.  When I’m a little dry and needing some inspiration, they are who I come to.

I didn’t select these individuals only because of their creative genes and ability to “click” at the right time.  No, they each have tried to help other photographers, including myself, in one way or another. 

Some a personal e-mail.

Some a continual blog.

Some tips on how they achieved such a high caliber of photos.

Each one delightful.

You can find each of them on my side bar under Inspiration 4 Photogs.

I will add to this list from time to time.

Sweet Moments

25 Jan

Photographers know there is always so much to do in this business. 

It’s never just “taking pictures.”

But today, I opted to do something I rarely get to do.

I snuggled up with this little guy…

How could I say no to this little guy?


A SHOUT out is coming…

23 Jan

It’s coming….

Some of the photographers that I admire most and learn from have always said to give shout outs to your favorite things, people & photos, when you come across them.  To never try to be secretive and to always teach others.  I guess it’s the principle of reaping what we sow.

So my next blog will be all things wonderful.

A shout out, if you will, to those that are tops in the biz.  And not just because they’re famous.

They’re all spectacular people.