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Let the Voting Commence!

16 Feb

Each of these FAB fans entered to win a free photo shoot of their choice!

Please read the entries vote below for who you want to win the FREE FOTO SHOOT!


Angie Lewis – I want a free photo shoot for my daughter’s senior pictures!

Keely Ragar – Because I am your favorite sister:) Plus I have adorable kids, plus I am going to run a marathon with you!

Mia Wiley – I would like a free photoshoot for my senior pictures… I go to Marion County R-II and I’m a highschool senior and with the economy this year it has been extremely difficult to find a job.  Therefore I am broke and would really like a professional to take my senior pictures!!!!! Thank you!!!

Mandy – My name is Mandy.  I have two wonderful kids who are 7 and 6.  I also have a boyfriend who I cant leave out.  We have not had a family pic taken since my kids were 2 and 3.  We have never found the right person to take our pics or who thought we were good enough.  I would love to have a recent family pic that I can give to my family and show everyone that comes around. 

Delena White – I think I deserve a free one just for working at HLG and being stressed to the hilt all the time. Plus I have been wanting to do one for a present for my folks because they are always saying they don’t have any updated pictures of me!


The Little Black Dress Event…part dos!

12 Feb
I finally finished editing part dos!

Here they are 🙂

The details.

Lu-HUVed these shoes!

Mrs. J. O. all contemplative...

Ella es MUY bonita!


Girl talk = Good times


Great company.


Oh, the preparation!

B-E-A-U-T-ful belly!

Yum. Yum.

Little lady!

Excited to model!

Edgy profile!

Sleek. Couldn't decide which was my both!

Mrs. Tina - center stage!

Getting beau-T-fied!

Loved this in color as well! She's so lovely!

Enjoying the night!

So chic!

Women 2 Women

The LBD event!

The little BLACK dress event…part uno!

8 Feb

This was one of the BEST planned women’s events that my church’s women 2 women ministry has done. 

So, so, so, so much fun.  Way to go Tara & Tina (and the rest of the gals) for pulling this one off.

Here are some of the pics from the night!  More to come…

My get-up for the night!

Ah, the works!

Getting all gussied up!

Models, take your numbers!

Beautiful reflection!

Sheer classiness - getting ready!

So pretty! So elegant!

What's a dress without the right accessories?

Isn't she lovely!!!

Writing hopes for the little black dress...

Look at them work!

Walking the red carpet!

Loved the ribbon running through these shoes:)

So stylish!

Great night! Great women! Great fun!

The little black dress!

I LOVE each one of you gals 🙂


6 Feb

Heading to shoot the Little Black Dress event tonight 🙂

This is my get-up!





Client Love

3 Feb

I’m a people person.  So naturally one of the best things about photography is meeting new people.

  I Lu-huv getting to know my new clients –



drooling (for the babes)





What’s not to love?