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Free Session for the Taking!

13 Dec

I’m in a GIVING spirit.  Maybe it’s all the Christmasy music playing as I work in my new workstation.  Maybe it’s just looking out my large window at the glistening snowy white landscape while I work. Or maybe it’s my hot chocolate with X-tra whip that is making me feel all warm and fuzzy while I sip it.  What ever the cause may be, I’m feeling downright GIdDy at the thought of one of YOU getting a free photo session. 

How do I get this you may ask?  Well, it’s simple.  Be the first to get 10 people to “LIKE” my facebook page (and have them msg. me with your name) and you win.  Yes, it’s just that simple.  The session is free for the taking.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and get yourself, your family, or the last person on your gift-list a photo session good for the 2011 year!



Gifts of the Perfect Kind

12 Dec

Today was the day of gifting.  Gifting of the MOST perfect kind.

Today, we dedicated our precious little Zoe Caroline back to the Lord.  We thanked HIM for entrusting us with such a perfect gift and then promised to raise her loving and living for HIM.


Then we did a little gifting of our own. Big Z decided that a sled was the ONLY method of transportation perfect enough to spread some home-made Christmas cheer to our neighbors.

On our way! 



 Truffles & Chocolate-dipped pretzels.

I hope you are able to take time this Christmas season to reflect on the gifts you’ve been given as well as those that you’ve given to others.

 What fun & such a blessing to share gifts like these during such special season!

My Christmas Package Arrived late…or early?!

1 Dec

I honestly couldn’t take it any longer.  I’m ready to meet this child.  Girl or boy.  I MUST know now!  This was me just 2 short weeks ago lamenting to Hernan about how being 41 weeks pregnant is ENOUGH while we were on our way to the hospital.  And then, just like that.  She was here.

And today, on December 1st, I get to rock her. Perfect. Precious. Her. Zoe Caroline.

           And I get to chase him.  Hilarious.  Cheerful. Full-Of-Life.  Him              

Zion Hernan

And I realize that these two are the best gifts ever.  That little package that I just couldn’t wait for any longer – Miss Zoe – well, she arrived right on cue.  She’s sure to sweeten up this Christmas season!

Remember this holiday season, “Every good and perfect gift comes from above..” ~James 1:17