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Engaged: Erika + Ali

22 Feb

He’s a double shot of espresso.  She’s a cool iced coffee.  Starbuck’s is one of their favorite hangouts. Together they make the perfect combination. This fabulous couple met playing foosball in college and have been together ever since.

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I asked Erika to do a “What to Wear” segment for future couples doing engagment shoots. I immediately drooled at the site of her ruffled shirt.  I wanted it.  She selected the most perfect color palettes for the session’s locations!  And Ali’s attire, equally great!

I get all a’twitter just thinking about the 2-day extravaganza that will encompass their wedding.  A traditional American-style wedding the first night and an Ethiopian ceremony and reception to follow on the next.  I wish you many happy memories as you plan and prepare your big day!


Time flying

17 Feb

‘Tis true.  Kid are growing up much faster these days! Today I’m planning his 2-year birthday happening in just 10 short days.  Sigh!