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Tyler & Tiereney = Engaged

19 May

I went home last week.  Back to the fields and winding gravel roads to take engagement pictures for my cousin Tyler and his bride-to-be Tiereney.  Tyler and I grew up next to each other our entire lives.  Our childhood homes were on opposite sides of our grandparents’ house. I never imagined that I’d be a photographer, photographing his wedding. He would probably say the same thing if asked. Way back when, there was a MUCH greater likelihood that we’d be having a serious mud-flinging fight or I’d be dodging BBs whizzing through the air coming from his little Daisy.

We almost had to cancel.  It was raining at the start.  I am soooooo very glad that we decided to brave the cold rain.  Their photos are delish.  Their chemistry is perfect.  Pure.

Tiereney, we are so excited for you to be joining the family this summer.  I canNOT wait to capture your day soon!


Leonard, MO: Jordan + Laden = Married!

9 May

The groom’s mother-in-law-to-be called him to let him know that a photographer would be at his home soon to take pictures. “You’re already in your suit?” she asked.  We’ll meet him at the church, I told her.  Soon after, a letter was delivered for the soon-to-be Mrs. Force from her groom.  Read before the wedding were the only directions given.

One thing was apparent.  Laden was ready to make Jordan (or George, so I’ve learned =) his bride. And why wouldn’t he be?  She exudes generosity and radiates beauty both inside and out.  And she is loved. You could just feel how much she was loved.  By her groom.  Her mother, sister, father, and all those around her.  She’s loved.

Jordan and Laden’s country wedding was as simple and sweet as they are.

To the Forces (I had to use your last name somehow, I am utterly jealous that you have such a great last name!):  Thank you for letting me capture your memories on this most momentous occasion.  I was blessed just by seeing your love for one another.  It’s simply pure.  I pray abundant joy enters your marriage in the years to come.

A Soulard Wedding: Abby + Kurt = Hitched

5 May

It had been raining for weeks.  Literally.  But there wasn’t a cloud to been seen in the sky on their wedding day.  It was pure sunshine.  The perfect day for a wedding.

Abby and Kurt surrounded themselves with their closest family and friends as they pledged their vows to one another.  The ceremony was incredibly personal and intimate as the only attendants were the bride’s sister and the groom’s life-long best friend of 32 years.  And I am sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the minister conducting the wedding, Abby’s father, gave his blessing and united them in marriage.

Abby and Kurt.  I am so incredibly honored that you allowed me to capture your day.  Abby, you were a simply stunning bride.  Kurt is so blessed to have you as his wife.  Kurt, your love and affection for Abby is beautiful and so visible.  I wish you all the love and happiness that a family can have throughout a lifetime.

The wedding and reception were held at the Soulard Preservation Hall, one of  The Knot’s, preferred wedding venues located in the eclectic Soulard district of St. Louis.

The first look was just right around the corner…

The bride’s Badgley Mischka shoes, were her something blue.  Something fabulous.  Loved them!

There were two incredibly important guys in the wedding, but I think Jack stole the show with his Michael Jackson style dance moves for the camera!

The ring-bearer’s pint-sized Converse shoes were equally as great. So. Darn. Cute.

A Tortoise, Tutu, and Emmalee.

1 May

Her mama was sure she wouldn’t like her tutu or pose for any of her 1-year pictures.  But boy was she wrong.  Emmalee was ready for her day and dazzled the camera.  We might owe it all to those magical little finger snacks that babies adore, but hey, does that matter?  Nah!

Her day went something like this.  Pose.  Eat a snack.  Dazzle the camera in tutu.  Pause for a snack.  Photo shoot with the gi-normous tortoise.  Sit.  Rest.  Eat a snack.  Hit the playground.  Wrap up the shoot.  Get in the stroller and rest as mom strolled her back to the car.  And, of course, eat a snack.

Of course she’d sparkle in any picture.

She’s a jewel.

Happy 1st birthday Emmalee!