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Fields, Laughter, & a Whole Lotta Love: The Rollins Fam

30 Jun

You know those families that you’re around and you think, “Gee, I hope my family looks like this to others.”  The type of family that is just kind and it’s so apparent how much they just love being a family.  Well, that’s the Rollins family.

I had the privilege of taking Miss Darby’s pictures when she was just a little 3 month-old bundle-of-joy.  Wow.  She’s grown so fast.

Being an “on location” photographer, you never know what you’re going to get.  The Rollins one request was that we take them in the fields at their home.  And I’m sooooo glad we did.  It was a lovely evening for a lovely family. Don’t you think?!

They love.   They play.  They laugh.


Cars, Posing, and One Sweet Baby Model.

27 Jun

It’s a rare but beautiful occasion when Hernan (my hubs) and I get to spend individual time with each of our kiddos.  Amidst everything that goes on in this mad world, it’s tough to do.  But we are trying very hard to be intentional and creative about how we can squeeze more moments in with them.  Together.  And, apart.

Friday was a glorious evening.  Big Z attended his first theater movie ever: Cars 2.  He and his daddy walked hand-in-hand to the car while I, juggling a child and camera, tried to catch the moment. Success.  He loved it.  And proceeded to talk all night about it.

I used to always tease my mom about taking care of herself.  She’s a nurse and always nursed everyone.  Except herself.  Funny how that’s happening here.  Not nursing, but lack of taking picture of my own children.  I finally broke down and bought a point and shoot because I was missing SOOOOO many moments.  Too many.  So as Zoe and I relaxed in our back yard, I decided to work and play with little Z.

And the results:

…I’m a smitten kitten =)

She: Yes, you, Randi Lee!

16 Jun

My sister called me as soon as Randi Lee was officially a Senior.  “We need to set up a time to do her Senior pictures!”  Ever the first-born, she was scheduling and organizing this session first thing.  I immediately replied, “How about next week?  I’ll be home visiting then.”  Perfect, it was a go.

FIVE. HOURS. AND multiple wardrobe changes and locations later, we finished.  Elated, exhausted, and excited.  We were finished.

To Randi:

You’re pretty much the best niece an Aunt could have.  You’ve racked up more state medals and all-state honors in a few years than what most individuals get (medals & awards wise) in a lifetime.  Amazing.  But what’s more is your personality and demeanor.  Ever humble, you lead by example with such a quiet ashured confidence; knowing exactly what type of woman you want to become.  Godly, kind, and so fun-loving, you my dear, are lovely.

Love you,

Aunt Ash

p.s.  enjoy the pics 🙂

The Hurayt Babes

15 Jun

I was so shocked and excited when I received an inquiry for a sibling session from a girl that I knew in high school.  You know the phrase “pretty and popular” and “oh so extremely nice” ?  Yeah?  Well, that completely applies to her (and her twin, who looks just like her).  Needless to say, I was over-the-moon excited to do some outdoorsy newborn baby pics with his sister.

And you know what?  These kids are just as sweet and beautiful as their mama.  There were sooooo many good ones.  I wanted to share them all, but decided on these few.  Take a look…