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Life. Love. And Loca.

26 Jul

Yesterday we celebrated our dog Loca’s 5th birthday.  It sounds ridiculous, but I canNOT believe she’s five.  That’s like her being 35 in human years.  Sad.  She’s older than Hernan and I are now =(  We put our family’s “birthday party hat” on.  It’s tradition.  We use the same one for every birthday.  We sang “Happy Birthday” and “Feliz Cumpleanos” to her.

I think she liked it! Look at her smile =)

Today, I’m celebrating 6 years with a pretty perfect man.

Here are just a few of the things I LOVE about him:

He works hard.  Doesn’t complain.  Lives to make me happy. Adores our kids.  Laughs A LOT!  Embraces a journey.  And a challenge.  Isn’t picky.  Isn’t complicated.  Loves God.  Loves his family.  Loves his friends.  Completely Honest.  Beyond Dedicated.  Without a doubt, my best-est friend.

In a few days, we’ll announce a project we’re working on.  Hopefully a continual one.

Te amo mucho y espero compartir muchos anos mas con vos!


Baby Blues and Chinese Lanterns

25 Jul

It was a perfect early morning session.  Sun shining.  Birds chirping.  And the temperature, a mere 90° at 8:15 a.m.  It is St. Louis during the Dog Days of summer, but Lyla was coming.  One of my most favorite babes ever to photograph. She’s definitely worth schlepping gear around in a hot and humid climate.  You might remember her from an earlier session where I warned looking at her pictures could lead to severe baby fever!

Lyla’s jean shorts weren’t the only baby blues that shone and were sooooo adorable.  Look, at those eyes.  I mean seriously.  I’m plotting to enter her in some gorgeous Gerber baby contest or something.  Her mother just doesn’t know it.  Well, until now =)

She adored the colorful chinese lanterns.  She played the camera.

I can’t wait until the fall when her 1st birthday rolls around!

Family, Pooch, & a Pregnant Lady

11 Jul

I get this all the time: “You must have SO many great family photos since you do photography!” My reply, “Um, nope.  Because I’m usually the one behind the camera. In fact, we’ve never done them.”  That was, until last night.

We went all the way to HADES apparently to get them taken.  It was hot.  So hot. Our van’s digital thermometer read 102° at 8:00 p.m.

I wasn’t at all about to complain though.  Mary Kim, a fabulous photog friend and very pregnant gal, was lying on the ground belly down to get just the right shots.  Everyone cooperated.  Almost.  Zion was delirious by the heat and could barely muster a smirk.  Loca, our dog, was sheer perfection!

Our Toms picture is us.  To. A. Tee.  Relaxed, on the move, and part Argentine (or Argentinean…Po-Tay-To…Po-Tah-To).  Side note:  If you didn’t know, yes, the flag on the back is the Argentine flag.  And the shoe is an Argentine shoe.  We love them.  We love what they stand for.

Despite the heat, we survived.  I’m over-the-moon excited to fill our massive but empty Organic Bloom family frame.  And now, whenever someone asks if we have great family photos I’ll reply, “Yes, we do have them.  MK Loeffler Photography fixed that!”

You should really check her out.  She’s as delightful a person as her photography is.  If you can even imagine that.

And we, we really are blessed.

Zion’s face says it all…