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Futbol, Zion, and an Argentinean Jersey

22 Dec

While Zion completely looks like me (he’s always changing), his fair-skinned and blue-eyed mother, he is 100% his father’s son.  His quiet yet dramatically fiery Argentine spirit and absolute love of soccer, er…um futbol, is matched by no other 2-year-old child I know.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes one hot August afternoon when I looked out the window and saw him playing in the backyard.  I quickly grabbed my camera and caught these photos.  He decided to pose a bit after his “game.”

Years down the road, when I look back, this is how I’ll remember my Zion.  Futbol.  Jersey. And baby-blues.


The Stuff Great Days Are Made Of

9 Nov

If you’re a Stay-At-Home-Mom, Work-At-Home-Mom, Work-Away-From-Home Mom, well…just plain old mom, then you know just how hard we often try to create these amazing moments for our kids.  Which generally leads to the following:  frustration, lack of time, little money, more frustration, comparison to those fantastic blogs where “every” day is a perfectly magical day (not. true.), feelings of inadequacy, and…  You get the picture.  This is NOT one of those posts.

After many late nights of too much work and too little sleep (thank you teething babe), I sat on the floor with the kids very early this morning and decided to throw caution to the wind.  Have a party.  No nothing fancy.  Pull out the china (yes, that’s from a grocery store and not a fancy-shmancy china place). Hang a banner that we fashioned with some old scrap material.  Bake cookies.  AND sip hot chocolate “tea” with dark chocolate peppermint swizzle sticks (LOVE, thank you Aldi’s!).

The kids thought it was magical.  It cost: nothing.  Warm milk going down, chocolate smeared about with a side of “we’re having a party” shouts are enough to make kids think that they are having the MOSTest special time in the whole world.  And why shouldn’t they?

…because this is the stuff GREAT days are made of.


30 Oct

Things I often hear parents say on a photo session with kiddos:

“I’m so sorry he’s not performing!”

“I canNOT believe she’s being this way!”

“Don’t worry.”  I try to reassure in my sweetest voice.  “ALL kids do this as some point. Even mine.”  Yes my kids, who are so used to having a camera shoved in their face they strike a pose when they see a dangling point-and-shoot hanging from one’s wrist!

I recently received some of the kindest words of encouragement from a friend that I haven’t seen in years.  The timing perfection.  The day: chaos.  My mind: scattered.  I was grateful for her words of encouragement – both as an individual and photographer.

I’m a bit of a dreamer.  I think. I fantasize.  I dream.  My grandmother, an author by trade and dreamer by nature, is my kindred-spirit.  Never once did she kill somebody’s dream.  She always encouraged them.

Dreams don’t always unfold in life as we envision, but they always breed vision.  They propel us.  Move us forward.  The same way an encouraging word does.

Hernán and I were just discussing how important our words are because they always seem to take root and head us in one direction or the other.  Words give life.  They are never stagnant.

Today, may you be an encourager to someone else  and be encouraged by these words:

“Therefore, encourage one another and edify one another, just as you are doing.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.” ~Henry David Thoreau


That my kids DO have meld-downs during photo shoots.  Here is ZOE on her NOT-SO-BEST-BEHAVIOR during a recent photo shoot!

Life. Love. And Loca.

26 Jul

Yesterday we celebrated our dog Loca’s 5th birthday.  It sounds ridiculous, but I canNOT believe she’s five.  That’s like her being 35 in human years.  Sad.  She’s older than Hernan and I are now =(  We put our family’s “birthday party hat” on.  It’s tradition.  We use the same one for every birthday.  We sang “Happy Birthday” and “Feliz Cumpleanos” to her.

I think she liked it! Look at her smile =)

Today, I’m celebrating 6 years with a pretty perfect man.

Here are just a few of the things I LOVE about him:

He works hard.  Doesn’t complain.  Lives to make me happy. Adores our kids.  Laughs A LOT!  Embraces a journey.  And a challenge.  Isn’t picky.  Isn’t complicated.  Loves God.  Loves his family.  Loves his friends.  Completely Honest.  Beyond Dedicated.  Without a doubt, my best-est friend.

In a few days, we’ll announce a project we’re working on.  Hopefully a continual one.

Te amo mucho y espero compartir muchos anos mas con vos!

Family, Pooch, & a Pregnant Lady

11 Jul

I get this all the time: “You must have SO many great family photos since you do photography!” My reply, “Um, nope.  Because I’m usually the one behind the camera. In fact, we’ve never done them.”  That was, until last night.

We went all the way to HADES apparently to get them taken.  It was hot.  So hot. Our van’s digital thermometer read 102° at 8:00 p.m.

I wasn’t at all about to complain though.  Mary Kim, a fabulous photog friend and very pregnant gal, was lying on the ground belly down to get just the right shots.  Everyone cooperated.  Almost.  Zion was delirious by the heat and could barely muster a smirk.  Loca, our dog, was sheer perfection!

Our Toms picture is us.  To. A. Tee.  Relaxed, on the move, and part Argentine (or Argentinean…Po-Tay-To…Po-Tah-To).  Side note:  If you didn’t know, yes, the flag on the back is the Argentine flag.  And the shoe is an Argentine shoe.  We love them.  We love what they stand for.

Despite the heat, we survived.  I’m over-the-moon excited to fill our massive but empty Organic Bloom family frame.  And now, whenever someone asks if we have great family photos I’ll reply, “Yes, we do have them.  MK Loeffler Photography fixed that!”

You should really check her out.  She’s as delightful a person as her photography is.  If you can even imagine that.

And we, we really are blessed.

Zion’s face says it all…

Cars, Posing, and One Sweet Baby Model.

27 Jun

It’s a rare but beautiful occasion when Hernan (my hubs) and I get to spend individual time with each of our kiddos.  Amidst everything that goes on in this mad world, it’s tough to do.  But we are trying very hard to be intentional and creative about how we can squeeze more moments in with them.  Together.  And, apart.

Friday was a glorious evening.  Big Z attended his first theater movie ever: Cars 2.  He and his daddy walked hand-in-hand to the car while I, juggling a child and camera, tried to catch the moment. Success.  He loved it.  And proceeded to talk all night about it.

I used to always tease my mom about taking care of herself.  She’s a nurse and always nursed everyone.  Except herself.  Funny how that’s happening here.  Not nursing, but lack of taking picture of my own children.  I finally broke down and bought a point and shoot because I was missing SOOOOO many moments.  Too many.  So as Zoe and I relaxed in our back yard, I decided to work and play with little Z.

And the results:

…I’m a smitten kitten =)

Random Thoughts, Birthdays, and Great Gifts.

27 Apr

I had just laid my tired self down for bed when I started having a million thoughts run through my head: birthdays, turning 29 – almost 30 BUT not yet, adorable baby in pink tutu, 1st birthdays, cake, party hats… Well, you get the picture.  My birthday was coming up and I had just finished shooting the most adorable baby girl.  Well, she’s one.  So I’m sure in her mind she’s a big girl now.  Anyway, I turned to Hernan and asked, “Do you remember when the night before your birthday you could hardly sleep because tomorrow was the BIG day?  You knew your mom was going to make your favorite meal, you were going to wear the crown at school AND got to be the line leader all day, and to top it off you usually got to open a gift – something just for you.”  Hernan moaned a “Yeah.”  “Well, I want my party back.  Just like I’m sure Emmalee had.”  I had to proceed with letting him know that was the 1 year-old girl I just shot.

I did get some pretty fabulous presents.  My bestie Kristin made me lunch and let my kids run wild with hers. In. Her. House.  No cleaning up for me.  Amazing present?  I think so!  My dearest friend Ashley (the other one…not having a convo with myself=) brought me dessert and a blessing basket.  Love.  My lovely husband was attempting to get home from work to make me dinner, when he got rear-ended.  We got take-out.  Good enough!  No dishes!  Zion sang “Happy Birthday” and “Feliz Cumpleanos” to me at dinner time and finished with a “Yay Mommy!”  Enough to make my heart melt.  Zoe babbled and fell asleep early.  Darling girl.  Starbucks gave me a coffee and Sephora gave me this:

I’m sure they bottled it up and made the label solely like this for moi.  Why?  The little girl even looks like me (a bit) when I was little gal. Fun. Made me feel special.

I’m going to ROCK 29.  Not middle-aged yet…  I’ll deal with that next year.