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Flash, Suckers, and a Whole Lotta Bribery

25 Jan

Winter brings about lot of indoor shoots, which means au natural and flash lighting are being utilized.  So I decided I needed to get some extra practice with the flashy-flash today.  So, I got my gear out and then realized that the only possible subjects to shoot (with my camera of course!) were about 25 years younger than most of my booked clients and my dog.  She’s wayyyy to furry!  What to do?  Practice with the kiddos. And since Zoe was sleeping that left Zion.

Being really into his game of tennis he had going on, AND rejecting my first 20 requests for him to let me take his picture, I resorted to the one thing I despise in parenting.  BRIBERY.  That whole “I do the thing which I do not want to do…” phrase popped into my mind.  And I pulled out the sucker that was so neatly packaged in my products that were delivered today.  (Side note: I LU-HUV White House Custom Color for giving me one with each delivery!)  It worked.  Hook.  Line.  And Sinker.  It worked.  He ran straight to the backdrop and started posing. 

So the moral of this story?  Bribery works.


Spratt Family Sneak Peak

30 Jun

I’m working on these photos right now and thought you might enjoy a little sneak peak.  They turned out fabulous despite the crazy weather that evening!  So, here you go…enjoy!





The Little Black Dress Event…part dos!

12 Feb
I finally finished editing part dos!

Here they are 🙂

The details.

Lu-HUVed these shoes!

Mrs. J. O. all contemplative...

Ella es MUY bonita!


Girl talk = Good times


Great company.


Oh, the preparation!

B-E-A-U-T-ful belly!

Yum. Yum.

Little lady!

Excited to model!

Edgy profile!

Sleek. Couldn't decide which was my both!

Mrs. Tina - center stage!

Getting beau-T-fied!

Loved this in color as well! She's so lovely!

Enjoying the night!

So chic!

Women 2 Women

The LBD event!

The little BLACK dress event…part uno!

8 Feb

This was one of the BEST planned women’s events that my church’s women 2 women ministry has done. 

So, so, so, so much fun.  Way to go Tara & Tina (and the rest of the gals) for pulling this one off.

Here are some of the pics from the night!  More to come…

My get-up for the night!

Ah, the works!

Getting all gussied up!

Models, take your numbers!

Beautiful reflection!

Sheer classiness - getting ready!

So pretty! So elegant!

What's a dress without the right accessories?

Isn't she lovely!!!

Writing hopes for the little black dress...

Look at them work!

Walking the red carpet!

Loved the ribbon running through these shoes:)

So stylish!

Great night! Great women! Great fun!

The little black dress!

I LOVE each one of you gals 🙂

Work & Play

20 Jan

When the children play…the photographer is at work!

We just had the most delightful time with some close friends of ours.  Their little guy is several months older than Zion, but they play so well together.  It was just adorable watching them play.  Of course.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few pictures.  Here they are!

Isn't he just precious!

So much fun playing together!

They really wanted us to just "let them play!"

Uno, two, tres, four, cinco...

My Boy!

17 Nov

So, when you take pictures for other people, you rarely get a chance to take pictures of your own family….for whatever reason.  At least that’s usually the case with me.  But yesterday, I decided it was about time that I get some pictures of my own kiddos – Zion, and yes, my pup Loca.  Here are a couple of my most FAVORITE shots of the day!!!


1 Nov

My sister-in-law is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, both inside and out.  We recently took a family trip to Miami, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to get a photo shoot with Caro.  Her features are striking, her smile soft, and her spirit vibrant.  Thanks for such a great time Caro!  We miss you & love you!

Stunning Portrait






Natural Light