Family Session: The Whites

25 Oct

Fall has been pretty perfect across Missouri’s rolling praries this year.  The leaves golden and temps lovely.  Perfect for a family photo session.  The White family’s morning was no exception.

I arrived at the White’s house and to my delight found Logan entranced with the movie UP. “He loves this show,” Mikaela stated.  “We watch it at least once a day.”  “Perfect!” I exclaimed with delight. My props for the family session would be a hit.  Two MASSIVE balloons =)  They loved them.  We all were happy.

Mikaela and I go way back.   To third grade to be exact.  Funny how life is.  You grow up friends.  Move on to college.  And life, well, it brings you back to where you started – close in proximity and friends once again.  Mikaela’s family is as warm and loving as she is.  Kevin, an amazing support to his family; and the kids, enamored with their parents and grandparents.  Rekindling a old friendship has been just one of the best things about taking this family’s pictures so frequently.  And for that, I’m blessed to call you my friend.


Family Session: The Kuntz Family

21 Oct

“Do you always bring furniture to a photo session?”  Dave asked.  I hesitantly said, “Well, yeah.  I do,” praying he wasn’t dreading schlepping all of it around with us…or at least helping!  “That’s awesome!” he said.  I exhaled a sigh of relief.

Danielle, a fitness trainer by trade, and Dave, a pastor, are two of the kindest (and fittest!) people I know.  Joy radiates from both of them.  They’re loved by all who know them.  Christ’s love moves them to love one another, their family, and even strangers at a depth that is rarely found in individuals today.  It’s awe-inspiring.  It’s refreshing.

I was so blessed to get to capture your adorable family and loved chasing the kids around.  They have so much life and spirit in them.  Life, energy, joy, and spirit are words that come to mind as I think about their shining personalities. May these photos bring you joy at this moment and precious memories in the years to come.

And, if you happen to be looking for a church in the St. Louis area, you should really check out North Church!

Family Session: The Baldwins

20 Oct

This post is particularly sweet for me.  Because you see, it’s of one of my nearest and dearest friends and her family.

We both moved to “The Lou” around the same time.  Started attending the same church, and in our sea of “what in the heck are we doing in St. Louis-ness?”  found out we had so much in common and became really great friends.

List of commonalities:

  • Husbands adore soccer
  • Love to read, write, and sing
  • Play the piano
  • Relish the taste of something delish
  • Have babes
  • Are about the same height, name = Ashley, born same year, long blonde hair, blue eyes


  • Everyone at our church confuses us with one another.

Aside from everything I treasure about our friendship (and the fact that she introduced me to dark chocolate sprinkled with fleur de sel), I equally love her precious family.  It was so much fun chasing them around. Capturing them.  At this moment.  Right now.  Just as they are.

The Gilbert Family

19 Oct

Trisha won my family photo shoot giveaway last year.  Yes, I said it.  LAST. YEAR.  It took us that long to get together.  But the timing couldn’t have been better.  The leaves golden.  The air crisp.  And this family, fab-YOU-lous.

Yes, Gilbert family.  You were so great to work with.

I have to admit.  I was particularly nervous on this shoot because Brian is a photographer, and he has so much experience behind the lens.

Just look how pretty much perfect this family looks!

Erika & Ali: Married

10 Oct

Her mother adorned her wrist with a bracelet that she was given.  They fought back tears. It completed her look.  Perfectly.

Upstairs Ali’s boys were getting him ready.  Straightening his suitcoat.  Adjusting his tie.  Giving him that final slap on the back.

Their ceremony was a perfect blending of two lives becoming one, of two cultures joining.  Erika’s father and brother-in-law conducted the ceremony while Ali’s family took part in en Ethiopean song during the lighting of the unity candle.  Two girls dressed in traditional robes sang as they carried the two flaming candles and joined Erika and Ali in the lighting of their candle.

And the reception?  It came with a WARNING:

Survival Guide for the Night:  How to eat Injera (Ethiopean flatbread) and Wat (Ethiopean soups/stews), along with a few helpful phrases.

To Erika and Ali for allowing me to be a part of such a unique and beautiful day? Ameseginalehu!

Tori: Senior 2011

7 Oct

I told her two years ago when I first started doing photography, “I wanna do your Senior pictures.”  She remembered.  Her mama remembered.  And boy, I’m so glad they did.  She’s delightful.  Inspiring.  An All-American good girl that everyone wishes their daughter would grow up to be.

Tori wanted her shoot to be in Old St. Charles.  “I just love it down here. Don’t know why, but I do.  Maybe it’s all the different people.”  She’s a people lover.

“Someday, I’m gonna make a line of clothes for all body types.  Stylish ones!  Not just some ugly wear.  REALLY stylish!”

I absolutely believe it you Tori.  Go for your dreams.  Dream.  BIG.

Junie B. Jones, a Frame, and My Sister’s Modern Family

5 Oct

I ADORE Junie B. Jones.  If you’ve never read the laugh-out-loud kids chapter series, you’re seriously missing out.  I have already assembled a stock-pile of these books in Zoe’s closet.  Ready to pull out when she can delight in the funny thing that is this perfectly honest short chapter book character. Luckily, I have my own real-life Junie B. Jones to fill my life with laughter and wisdom of a child.

My niece Madi is Junie’s equal counterpart.  I am fully confident that if Junie were in life form.  She’d be exactly like Madi.  Snippets like this happen every moment of every day.

On last week’s photo shoot:

Madi:  Aunt Ash, I’m just gonna snoop a bit through your car.

Me:  Go ahead.  We’re not very exciting.

Madi:  That’s o.k.  Did you know my 1st-grade teacher called me “MARGE in CHARGE?”

Me:  Really?

Madi:  Yep.  And, my kindergarten teacher called me “NOSEY.”  I like MARGE in CHARGE much better.

Me:  “SNORT”…Trying to take her so-very-serious conversation seriously, but completely losing it.

Later on in the shoot I pulled out a frame, and my sister exclaimed, ” Modern Family!!! It’s my favorite show.”  I think they’re pretty much the perfect modern family.  I always want to be present with family.  This photo shoot let me do just that AND capture their picture.  Loved this evening.