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The Stuff Great Days Are Made Of

9 Nov

If you’re a Stay-At-Home-Mom, Work-At-Home-Mom, Work-Away-From-Home Mom, well…just plain old mom, then you know just how hard we often try to create these amazing moments for our kids.  Which generally leads to the following:  frustration, lack of time, little money, more frustration, comparison to those fantastic blogs where “every” day is a perfectly magical day (not. true.), feelings of inadequacy, and…  You get the picture.  This is NOT one of those posts.

After many late nights of too much work and too little sleep (thank you teething babe), I sat on the floor with the kids very early this morning and decided to throw caution to the wind.  Have a party.  No nothing fancy.  Pull out the china (yes, that’s from a grocery store and not a fancy-shmancy china place). Hang a banner that we fashioned with some old scrap material.  Bake cookies.  AND sip hot chocolate “tea” with dark chocolate peppermint swizzle sticks (LOVE, thank you Aldi’s!).

The kids thought it was magical.  It cost: nothing.  Warm milk going down, chocolate smeared about with a side of “we’re having a party” shouts are enough to make kids think that they are having the MOSTest special time in the whole world.  And why shouldn’t they?

…because this is the stuff GREAT days are made of.


Junie B. Jones, a Frame, and My Sister’s Modern Family

5 Oct

I ADORE Junie B. Jones.  If you’ve never read the laugh-out-loud kids chapter series, you’re seriously missing out.  I have already assembled a stock-pile of these books in Zoe’s closet.  Ready to pull out when she can delight in the funny thing that is this perfectly honest short chapter book character. Luckily, I have my own real-life Junie B. Jones to fill my life with laughter and wisdom of a child.

My niece Madi is Junie’s equal counterpart.  I am fully confident that if Junie were in life form.  She’d be exactly like Madi.  Snippets like this happen every moment of every day.

On last week’s photo shoot:

Madi:  Aunt Ash, I’m just gonna snoop a bit through your car.

Me:  Go ahead.  We’re not very exciting.

Madi:  That’s o.k.  Did you know my 1st-grade teacher called me “MARGE in CHARGE?”

Me:  Really?

Madi:  Yep.  And, my kindergarten teacher called me “NOSEY.”  I like MARGE in CHARGE much better.

Me:  “SNORT”…Trying to take her so-very-serious conversation seriously, but completely losing it.

Later on in the shoot I pulled out a frame, and my sister exclaimed, ” Modern Family!!! It’s my favorite show.”  I think they’re pretty much the perfect modern family.  I always want to be present with family.  This photo shoot let me do just that AND capture their picture.  Loved this evening.

Family, Pooch, & a Pregnant Lady

11 Jul

I get this all the time: “You must have SO many great family photos since you do photography!” My reply, “Um, nope.  Because I’m usually the one behind the camera. In fact, we’ve never done them.”  That was, until last night.

We went all the way to HADES apparently to get them taken.  It was hot.  So hot. Our van’s digital thermometer read 102° at 8:00 p.m.

I wasn’t at all about to complain though.  Mary Kim, a fabulous photog friend and very pregnant gal, was lying on the ground belly down to get just the right shots.  Everyone cooperated.  Almost.  Zion was delirious by the heat and could barely muster a smirk.  Loca, our dog, was sheer perfection!

Our Toms picture is us.  To. A. Tee.  Relaxed, on the move, and part Argentine (or Argentinean…Po-Tay-To…Po-Tah-To).  Side note:  If you didn’t know, yes, the flag on the back is the Argentine flag.  And the shoe is an Argentine shoe.  We love them.  We love what they stand for.

Despite the heat, we survived.  I’m over-the-moon excited to fill our massive but empty Organic Bloom family frame.  And now, whenever someone asks if we have great family photos I’ll reply, “Yes, we do have them.  MK Loeffler Photography fixed that!”

You should really check her out.  She’s as delightful a person as her photography is.  If you can even imagine that.

And we, we really are blessed.

Zion’s face says it all…