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Family Session: The Mitchell Family

27 Oct

“The Cardinals are playing.”

“Really, mom?  Pictures.  Will it take long?”

These are just a few of the things Jake and Sam were concerned about before we started the family photos.

“Don’t worry.  I promise to make this quick and painless.  Why, I bet you even have fun before we’re done!”  I told the boys.

They exchanged an I-don’t-think-that-is-possible look that only brothers ages 7 and 6 can give without words and completely understand.

We had fun.  They had fun. Just look at the pictures.  These boys are handsome.  The family, so lovely.

By the way, I’m convinced that if I bottled Sam and Jake’s energy and sold it, it would annihilate both Red Bull AND 5-Hour energy!


Dan & Brionne: Married

4 Oct

Gracious and kind, she knows no stranger.  Everyone who comes across her path is mesmerized.  With her kindness, grace, and beauty.  Bri, you truly are one of the most stunning brides, both inside and out, I have EVER had the privilege to work with.  You give of yourself completely and are loved beyond measure in return.  Dan, your love for Bri is heart-warming and apparent.  You make every girl believe that there is a prince-charming out there for her.  I pray God’s blessing on both of you.  Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!

Baby Blues and Chinese Lanterns

25 Jul

It was a perfect early morning session.  Sun shining.  Birds chirping.  And the temperature, a mere 90° at 8:15 a.m.  It is St. Louis during the Dog Days of summer, but Lyla was coming.  One of my most favorite babes ever to photograph. She’s definitely worth schlepping gear around in a hot and humid climate.  You might remember her from an earlier session where I warned looking at her pictures could lead to severe baby fever!

Lyla’s jean shorts weren’t the only baby blues that shone and were sooooo adorable.  Look, at those eyes.  I mean seriously.  I’m plotting to enter her in some gorgeous Gerber baby contest or something.  Her mother just doesn’t know it.  Well, until now =)

She adored the colorful chinese lanterns.  She played the camera.

I can’t wait until the fall when her 1st birthday rolls around!

A Soulard Wedding: Abby + Kurt = Hitched

5 May

It had been raining for weeks.  Literally.  But there wasn’t a cloud to been seen in the sky on their wedding day.  It was pure sunshine.  The perfect day for a wedding.

Abby and Kurt surrounded themselves with their closest family and friends as they pledged their vows to one another.  The ceremony was incredibly personal and intimate as the only attendants were the bride’s sister and the groom’s life-long best friend of 32 years.  And I am sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the minister conducting the wedding, Abby’s father, gave his blessing and united them in marriage.

Abby and Kurt.  I am so incredibly honored that you allowed me to capture your day.  Abby, you were a simply stunning bride.  Kurt is so blessed to have you as his wife.  Kurt, your love and affection for Abby is beautiful and so visible.  I wish you all the love and happiness that a family can have throughout a lifetime.

The wedding and reception were held at the Soulard Preservation Hall, one of  The Knot’s, preferred wedding venues located in the eclectic Soulard district of St. Louis.

The first look was just right around the corner…

The bride’s Badgley Mischka shoes, were her something blue.  Something fabulous.  Loved them!

There were two incredibly important guys in the wedding, but I think Jack stole the show with his Michael Jackson style dance moves for the camera!

The ring-bearer’s pint-sized Converse shoes were equally as great. So. Darn. Cute.