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27 Oct

She’s lovely, isn’t she?!!!!

I had so much fun photographing my cousin Savannah.  She’s a natural…and should be in modeling!









Finally a Photog Blog!

27 Oct

Since I started Ashley Miller Photography in August of this year, I’ve been wanting to blog for a plethora of reasons.  And here they are:

  1. I want share all of the wonderful experiences that I’ve had in ALL of the photo shoots that have been done.
  2. It’s a great way for clients to REALLY get to know the Ashley Miller Photography style.
  3. If you’re photo shoot has been done, you can share it with others or just grab a good cup of Joe and reminisce what a great time you had with your family or friends.
  4. Who doesn’t love looking at photos?!!!

I WILL get all of the photo shots blogged on & uploaded…just give me a few days!