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Jasmine *

30 Aug

If you haven’t recently (or well, within the last 5 years) heard of Jasmine Star or J* as she goes by, then you probably either 1.  have nothing to do with wedding photography or 2. have been living in a black hole.  I recently had the honor of listening to Jasmine * speak at the St. Louis Photographer’s Shot Party and she was a breath of fresh air in an industry that can often be competitive and stuffy.  Neither of which I care for. 

While talking about her encounter with the Mid West, St. Louis in particular, she exclaimed, “People here are so nice!  Everyone is smiling and wanting to talk.  I almost expected someone to give me an apple pie!”  Well, she deserves one because this girl is as real and honest a good ole’ American apple pie.  I adore her work, her admiration for things that are important, family, friends, and Jesus as well as her 100% acceptance for who she is as an individual. 

I’ve added her link to my sidebar inspiration.  Go check her out.   Even if you’re not into photography, she’s worth the time.

To view her blog:


Country Family Shoot: Uncle Craig, Aunt Judy, and the Kids

26 Aug

How can I not love my job when it’s all about having fun with guys and gals like this?  It was so easy to take these family photos.  The kids were so relaxed and a bit on the crazy side climbing fences, running and jumping simultaneously down the lane, and making silly faces at the camera 🙂  And yes, the youngest 3 are triplets. 

It is crazy that all of them (minus Uncle Craig and Aunt Judy) will be in college in just a couple short years.  5 kids in 5 years.  AMAZING!  And yes, I can blog about them like I know them well because I do.  We’re not only related, but grew up next door to one another.  Ah, sentiment…

Old Hickory Golf Club Wedding: Sarah + Scott

24 Aug

It was seriously the hottest wedding ever to be held at the Old Hickory Golf Club.  Not only was the July temperature scorching that day, but Sarah and Scotty (as he’s best known by his close family and friends) were as well. On more than one occasion people commented how “incredibly in love that couple looks.”  And it’s true, I’ve never seen a couple so into each other that as they danced their first dance I’m pretty sure all 400+ guests in attendance completely disappeared.  Their love is so apparent that even one of Sarah’s elementary students personally created a “happy marriage day” letter with strict instructions to: “not open until marriage day!”

Sarah walked around in her summer cotton dress and flip-flops helping her mom get ready while her bridesmaids slipped into their classic black attire.  Scotty waited calm and collected on the veranda for Sarah as they saw each other for the first time on their  wedding day.  And their story is a simple as they are:  down-home country girl meets incredibly laid-back city boy and the rest is history.  They marry and Scotty whisks Sarah off to the Caribbean for her first time out of the country and stay on the ocean side.

Sarah and Scotty, thank you for entrusting me with such an incredible honor to record the most important day of your lives.  It was truly a blessing to see two individuals so in love share their day with friends and family.  You are both the most authentic, kind, and genuinely sincere people who I’ve ever known.  I wish you both the absolute best in whatever life holds for you. 

 Best, Ashley


11 Aug

So, I just HAD to post a few pics from this gal’s Senior shoot.  She’s beautiful and the colors in the pictures are to die for!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM! There are plenty more great pictures in this session – a few urban and a few country.  She just might be having some more posted shortly 🙂 

p.s.  She also wins the easiest photo shoot ever award!