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Little Z turns 2

29 Mar

Where does the time go?  I am pretty sure I just brought this little guy home yesterday.  But nope.  It was over 2 years ago.

We celebrated.  ALL. DAY. LONG.

We put balloons (one of his most FAVORITE things next too futbols) all over the floor before he woke up.

We listened to him say “Happy Birthday to you!”  OVER and OVER. 

We let him pick the menu…Pizza, Cake Pops, and Horizons Milk & Juice Boxes (with Izzy’s for the grown-ups!) And yes, I actually made them myself!  Go to sur la table for the sticks.  ONLY $2.50 for 35!

We relished in how happy he was to open presents this year, since he realized they were ALL for him!

We surrounded him with people that love him.  No matter how near or far (he’s skyping to Argentina =) People that have helped us raise and nurture his cute little self.   We love you all for that.

Then, we played with his toys & watched his movies until we just couldn’t play and watch any more.

He’s 2. 

We LOVE you Little Z!!

Yes, I’m a month behind on this blog.  Don’t judge me =)


Warning: Seriously cute baby alert!

7 Mar

WARNING: Serious cute baby alert!  Do not continue reading or looking at pictures if you do not want to suffer from the following:

Baby love, Chronic smiling, Baby fever, The need to pinch cheeks, Sore cheeks due to smiling at pictures, Continous “OOOhhing” and “AAAhhhhing,” and again, BABY FEVER!!!

This little (or not so little =)  gal needs to be a Gerber baby model.  I keep telling her mother that.  She’s adorable.  That’s all there is too it.

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