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Emily + Philip = Hitched

19 Aug

It harked back to the mid-1800’s – to the time of Jane Eyre.  Philip, a theater major, and Emily, lover of antiques, wanted their wedding to reflect their interests and personalities.  Well, I think they did a smashing job.

Every detail was pined over, planned, and prepared with such attention.  Emily’s bouquet (made by her mother) was composed of heirlooms from important women in her family.  Philip’s pocket-watch will forever hold the time they were united in marriage, 11:34 a.m.

Adorning the head table was the first thing Philip ever gave Emily.  A house built of acorns.  And it still stands strong.  I believe it’s a pretty perfect representation of their relationship.  Strong, stable, simple.

Emily and Philip,

I pray you have many wonderful years of love and happiness to share.  May God Bless you richly.

=)  Ashley


The McKinnon Family: Session of Expression

8 Aug

I’ve known Kristin since I was 4 and she was 5 and we played Pixie League softball and took gymnastics together.  We grew up together, went to the same college, and now live near one another with kiddos close in age.  I consider this a blessing.

We came across some old photos just last week of us growing up.  We laughed at the “professional” pictures we had had done.  We were cool (at least we thought).  Matching shirts, poofy hair, and yes, even make-up that coordinated with the get-up!  We quickly decided that we were in need of an update.

There were tons of great pictures from their session, but I narrowed it down to these few because of all the expressions.  If you knew Miss Avery (the older gal), you’d know that she’s never short on words nor expressions.  And sweet little Emma Grace, she’s just so precious and innocent.  This was hands-down one of the most laid-back and fun sessions.


Tyler + Tiereney = Married

3 Aug

He saw her.  He liked her.  He immediately knew she was the one he wanted to marry.  Well, that’s their story in condensed form.  AND, it’s pretty accurate!

“Mom, is it o.k. if I just run up and hug him when I get to the end of the aisle?”  Being his Mrs. the only thing on her mind that day.  Tyler and Tiereney wanted nothing more than to be married, but they got so much more.  Personal touches everywhere made this day so special.  Close family and friends laughed and stifled tears as a slide show reflecting their journey commenced the ceremony.  There was a hush as the groom wiped away a tear as he saw his bride walk down the aisle for the first time that day.  Surrounded by the most important people in their lives, they gave their vows, committing to a life together.

Tyler and Tiereney,

I was so blessed to get the opportunity to capture your wedding day.  I adore the way you treat one another with such care and compassion always putting the other’s needs before your own.  I pray you have a lifetime full of love and laughter, wherever your journey takes you!

With Much Love,


p.s.  Your M.O.H. gave the “rockin-est” (if that’s even a word!) toast ever.  Kudos Kristen!