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Spratt Family Sneak Peak

30 Jun

I’m working on these photos right now and thought you might enjoy a little sneak peak.  They turned out fabulous despite the crazy weather that evening!  So, here you go…enjoy!






The Kurz Family

24 Jun

Hot, hot, hot!  The weather was crazy hot during this photo shoot.  100 degrees with 110 degree heat index…scorcher! But you’d never be able to tell in these sweet pictures.  This family is SO pretty.  Here are a few of my favorites so far from their shoot.








Sneak Peak

23 Jun

I just had the hottest time (yes, in the very literal way – 110 degree heat index) taking pictures of one of the most adorable little gals and her parents tonight! 

 I couldn’t wait to post this picture. 

She’s precious in EVERY way! 

More to come soon!!!!

Thomas – Henderson Wedding 05.30.2010

1 Jun

I was honored to be Kim Ginn’s (of Sweet Potrayal Photography) second shooter for this funky chic wedding in downtown St. Louis.  Yes,  a wedding can be chic & funky at the same time – especially when the bride and groom have more pizzaz and class than any couple I’ve ever seen. 

They are GORGEOUS! 

Hope you enjoy catching a sneak-peak of their day.  I sure did!

Smith-Bauer Wedding 05.15.2010

1 Jun

Rain, on this parade?  Not a chance!  Well, actually the weather forecast called for a 90% chance, but the skies cleared up just in time for this perfect day. 

Bride = beautiful.  Groom = classy. 

Day = Perfect!