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More Gear…New Flash!

31 Dec

I am so SUPER PUMPED about my new Canon 580EX II speedlight, I can’t even begin to tell you.  I’ve always worked with natural lighting, so this is opening up a whole new world of photography to me.  It will make pictures just that much better and allow so much more to be done.  Creative juices are flowing.  If you’re a photog, please let me know what your best tips are for flash work!!!!  All suggestions welcome.



28 Dec

I canNOT wait to let you in on the changes coming in 2010!  More products, wedding packages, easier ordering and wonderful customer service.  I’m teaming up with a great developer. 

Have I mentioned how EXCITED I am??!!!!!!

Logan White

22 Dec

Oh my goodness.  This little guy has the most pinchable cheeks ever, and would you just take a look at those eyes.  Girls everywhere are screaming because of the injustice of a boy getting those eyes!  Ah.  I adore them. 


I had so much fun taking pictures of my friend Mikaela’s little guy.  We even got a few family shots in too.  I think they turned out great.  I mean just look at them…they are the perfect little family!